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Our training program consists of 3 hard training days targeting different qualities within each session. With this approach you will be able to develop multiple physical qualities without getting stale or bored with training. We also tailor our programs to fit your needs and goals. Whether it’s choosing exercises that best suit your build and structure or selecting rep ranges and protocols that are in line with your goals. Here’s the breakdown of a training week


Our grind session can also be referred to as a developmental day. These workouts just like the name says will have you grinding!


These will be time based sessions with moderate resistance and moderate rep ranges. The goal of these sessions is to elicit a response in the body that will keep protein synthesis levels elevated for up to 3 days after the session. So what the hell does that mean? Basically what this means is whatever qualities you train after this session with have an elevated effect.


If you’re trying to burn fat, your fat burning sessions will yield greater results. If you are trying to get stronger, your strength sessions will be more impactful. If you are trying to put on more muscle, your hypertrophy sessions will be more effective in putting on size.


This session is a strength based session. It is about getting in quality resistance training. This will help strengthen and tone your body. It will also help build some muscle. Having muscle on your frame is one of the best way to become a fat burning machine. Muscle costs more calories to burn than fat, so if you have a bit more muscle on you, it actually helps in the process of getting lean and toned! 


This workout consists of our main compound movements paired with accessory lifts. We’ll finish these sessions off with high quality conditioning work. This day is about maximum output, so work bouts will be shorter to allow for maximum effort with longer rest periods that allow for you to continue to repeat these high quality bouts! 


These are moderate to long duration continuous circuit based stations that allow you to get a large volume of work done and burn a large amount of calories! There will be several circuit stations that will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat. 

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